Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé 2021 750 ml


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Introducing Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé, a fresh and enveloping wine with an intense and complex bouquet. This wine is a fine blend of the most noble native varietals like Corvina and Trebbiano of Lugana, and varietals like Syrah and Carmenère. Its name is derived from the 11-minute skin contact time, which brings out the most admirable qualities of the grapes and the rosé shade that characterizes this wine.

The winemakers at Pasqua have crafted a wine with different varietals contributing to the elegance, structure, and long-lasting finish of this wine. Corvina gives floral aromas and the necessary acidity to the wine; Trebbiano provides an elegant, long finish, while Syrah brings in fine fruit and spice notes to the glass. Finally, Carmenère creates a stable structure that assures the wine will maintain its excellence over the years.

Sip on the freshness and complexity of Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé, crafted to accompany spring or summer evenings or any other occasion. This wine’s intense aroma will leave you asking for more, while its taste will leave a lasting impact on your palate.

Recognized many times for its quality and taste, Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé has won several awards, including a Gold Medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2022, a Falstaff Rosé Trophy 2021, and a Gold Medal at The Asian Rosé Masters 2022.

Take a sip and embark on a journey in Lake Garda, the land where this wine originates. Enjoy the refreshing and delicious taste of this wine that will leave your taste buds dazzled and your senses invigorated. Order your bottle of Pasqua 11 Minutes Rosé today and experience the elegance, complexity, and freshness of this wine that is second to none.

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