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Introducing Masi Tupungato Passo Doble—the irresistible red wine that showcases Masi’s style and expertise in appassimento at the organically run Masi Tupungato estate in Mendoza, Argentina. Embracing the exuberant and uncontaminated environment, this wine is a testament to Masi’s commitment to crafting organic, innovative, and characterful wines.

With its unusually high aromatic content, Masi Tupungato Passo Doble is a modern wine that defies conventions. It captivates the senses with its intense fruitiness and delicate spiciness, creating a unique and unforgettable tasting experience.

This exceptional wine draws its strong and exuberant character from the local Malbec grape, known for its bold flavors. However, Masi adds a touch of Venetian allure by incorporating lightly dried Corvina Veronese. This combination results in a harmonious blend that perfectly balances the intensity of the Malbec with the easy appeal and attractiveness of the Venetian wines.

Indulge in the deep ruby red hue of Masi Tupungato Passo Doble, as the inviting aroma of ripe cherries and sweet spices wafts from the glass. With each sip, your palate is greeted with a richness and intensity that overflows with cherries and berry fruit. The wine’s soft tannins and good length leave a lasting impression, ensuring a truly pleasurable experience.

Pair Masi Tupungato Passo Doble with a wide range of dishes, and explore its remarkable versatility. It harmonizes beautifully with grilled or roast red meats, enhancing the flavors and creating a symphony of taste. For plant-based options, rejoice in the delightful combination of this wine with chickpea balls and eggplant burgers, where flavors intertwine to create a culinary masterpiece. Additionally, Masi Tupungato Passo Doble effortlessly complements mature cheeses with strong flavors, providing a perfect balance between the intensity of the cheese and the wine’s distinctive character.

To fully enjoy the enchanting flavors of Masi Tupungato Passo Doble, serve it at a temperature of 18°C (64°F), allowing the complex bouquet and nuanced flavors to unfold. With an alcoholic content of 14% vol., this wine exemplifies balance and texture, ensuring a truly memorable experience.

Experience the natural beauty and exceptional flavors of Masi Tupungato Passo Doble—a wine that encapsulates Masi’s expertise in appassimento and reflects the remarkable environment of Argentina. Let your senses be transported to a world of irresistible aromas, vibrant flavors, and pure pleasure with each sip.

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